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  • UBNT Rocket Prism 5AC-Gen2

    Powerful outdoor unit for backbone PtP connections or as access point for client devices. Rocket 5AC maximum permeability even in restricted areas. The high bit rate due to 802.11ac and modulation up to 256QAM is the advantage.

  • Optical gigabit router Netis WF2780F

    Optical dual router with 802.11ac support and all others (802.11a / b / g / n).
    With speeds up to 867 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and up to 300 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band

  • 11.09.2017
Optická kabelová spojka pro 96 svárů

Tube Fiber Cable connector Arsenal FA-FOSC-BDH-B5S24-4VG is a passive element that provides excellent protection fibers. Made of high quality ABS material \r\r\r It can be instlovat both in the country and on the pole or pipe. Home\r Both input an

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1 435Kč 
FTP cable, cat.5e

Installation cable designed for outdoor installation of structured cabling

Fusion splicer INNO M7

3D fiber optic welder for FTTH with active focusing on fiber sheath

49 900Kč  
60 379Kč 
SFP+10Gbps, LC dup., 10km, SM, 1310nm, DDM, -40 - 85°C, Cisco

s vlnovou délkou TX:1310, pro teplotní rozsah 0 až 70°C, Cisco kompatibilní

1 383Kč  
1 673Kč 
MikroTik wAPG-60ad, Wireless Wire, 60Ghz 802.11ad, L3

MikroTik wAPG-60ad je venkovní 1 Gbps jednotka v bezlicenčním pásmu 60 GHz za bezkonkurenční cenu. Díky použitému pásmu není spoj ovlivněn okolním rušením a nabízí tak stabilní a velmi rychlé spojení. Je vhodný pro krátké vzdále

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2 217Kč 
TP-POE-HP-48G-RC, 48V 50W High Power Gigabit POE, EU Power Cord

Tycon The TP-POE-HP-48G-RC is a gigabit power supply/poE inserter that supports up to 50W DC PoE output and is designed to power high-volume devices. This source supports power on pins 4.5 (V +) and 7.8 (-). \r \r\r\r\r\r Prop

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