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  • New Mikrotik LTE6 devices

    At our eshop you will find newly available Mikrotik devices with LTE6 support. For even easier Internet access in a busy urban environment or even isolated installations.

  • Ericsson MINI-LINK 6363 now available in multiple frequency bands

    The unique Full Outdoor microwave link Ericsson MINI-LINK 6366 + 6363 is now available in all frequency bands 10 - 42 GHz!

  • MikroTik solid MOUNT - precision holder for all LHG units

    MikroTik solidMOUNT - precision holder for all LHG units
    SolidMOUNT- metal, precise, adjustable bracket with fine glazing using two side screws with nuts in stock!
    Compatible with all LHG (and larger LHG XL) units.
Grandway Optical Laser Source FHS2D02

2-wave invisible light source

6 480Kč  
7 841Kč 
IP relé NETIO 4C

NETIO 4C manages four IEC320/8A power sockets and communicates with the environment with 2x LAN and RS-232 serial port.\r\r\r \r Each of the 4 slots can be individually turned off and turned on from the web, from a mobile app, and through a var

4 173Kč  
5 049Kč 
Fusion splicer INNO M7

3D fiber optic welder for FTTH with active focusing on fiber sheath

49 900Kč  
60 379Kč 
Mikrotik wsAP ac lite, L4,, bez napájecího zdroje

The wsAP ac lite is a perfect access point (AP) for hospitality networks (hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports etc.). It has an unobtrusive case that fits in standard wall power sockets. This way, the unit doesn’t attract attention and

1 059Kč 
IP kamera Uniview IPC2122LR3-PF40-C

\rThe camera is available with an integrated lens in two variants. \r\r\r CCD resolution (Mpx): \r4.5 W\r

1 133Kč  
1 371Kč 
Optická kabelová spojka pro 96 svárů

Tube Fiber Cable connector Arsenal FA-FOSC-BDH-B5S24-4VG is a passive element that provides excellent protection fibers. Made of high quality ABS material \r\r\r It can be instlovat both in the country and on the pole or pipe. Home\r Both input an

1 186Kč  
1 435Kč 



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