Fiber Optic Welder INNO M7-Assembly

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Fiber Optic Welder INNO M7
1  pcs.
Suitcase for INNO welder View
1  pcs.
LBT-3000 Battery Pack for INNO M7 Welder
1  pcs.
Power supply for welders INNO View
1  pcs.
Electrodes (included with new welder) E-50 for IFS-10, IFS-15, View
1  pcs.

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Description of product:

The INNO M7 Fiber Welder delivers very compact dimensions, but with a 3-year warranty, robust design with protective features, hardened glass, dust resistance and water resistance is a very reliable helper. The large 4.3"touchscreen with high resolution and intuitive graphics interface provides users with a large and clear image of the fiber, double tapping to zoom in up to 460x, two LEDs to light up the welding chamber to allow welding even in unlit environments. up to 110 cycles (welding + protection baking).

\r\r\r SOC:
\r The welding machine allows the splice-on connectors to be welded onto the fiber.\r

\r\r\r Accessories:
\r A full suitcase is included in the welder. Includes:\r


\r \r\r\r /tr>\r\r\r \r
precision latch V7 Bumper Stuff
\r \r

\r\r\r Service and maintenance:
\r We are a service center of INNO Instrument. We provide regular servicing and servicing of welding machines Everyone who purchases a new INNO welding machine has the first service free of charge.
\r The welding machine should be inspected by the technician every year, cleaned and adjusted. This prevents poor welding, overall device degeneration and unexpected malfunctions.\r

\r Lending and Testing:
If you are still considering buying a welding machine or you do not use the welding machine so you need to buy it right away, we offer you a loan. You can enjoy working with this device and discover its advantages and advantages. If you are renting for a longer period, we can offer you interesting discounts (for example, a 50% one-week rental). If you are planning to purchase a welding machine and want to try it first, you can borrow it for a day, weekend or week, which we will deduct from the sale price at purchase. \r You can order a rent a try here .
< br>If you do not want to invest in buying a welding machine and never have any worries about maintenance and service, we have prepared for you the opportunity to buy a welding machine for operational leasing. More information and ordering here . < br>
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