SIAE ALFOplus link, 500M, AM, 11 GHz, 0.6m ant.



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SW Key for 500 Mbps capacity
2  pcs.
Software license for enhanced packet compression (capacity up to 1 Gbps)
2  pcs.
Shielded RJ45 Connector 8/8
2  pcs.
Grounding cable kit x ODU 1 + 0
2  pcs.
Plug Shielded RJ45 Cat5e 24-26AWG
2  pcs.
1  pcs.
SIAE Integrated antenna with mounting kit included (0.6 m, single pol.) 11 GHz
2  pcs.
1  pcs.
6-13GHz TR installation kit (STD type)
2  pcs.

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Description of product:

SIAE ALFOplus is a Full Outdoor microwave link, available in the 7 - 80 GHz bands. Technology that contains many unique features is manufactured by SIAE Microelettronica, which has more than 60 years of experience in the development and production of radio modems and microwave technologies. With its annual production of over 100,000 terminals , the Italian company with its headquarters and production facility in Milan is ranked fourth in the world. Ericsson. The largest customers include telecommunication operators Vodafone and Telefonica, as well as customers from the ISP segment and system integrators.

ALFOplus is a new generation microwave link that has a guaranteed user capacity 436 Mbps in any type of traffic , including triple play services, in the 7-42 GHz bands.

With advanced data packet header optimization and compression functionality, it is possible to achieve up to 1 Gbps in a single 56 MHz channel , depending on the type of traffic.

The technology has an intelligent switch on which you can set up all modern functions. The switch includes full VLAN support including. QinQ, supports jumbo packets (MTU up to 10 Kbytes), QOS, LACP ...

The physical interface is solved by a combination of two metallic interfaces, or a combination of metallic and optical interfaces.

The radio part contains all the functions for maximum range and availability, especially lossless ACM in the range of 4QAM - 1024QAM and ATPC adjustable by 1 dBm. Detailed specifications can be found here.

Layer 2 Basic Functionality

  • Jumbo Frame Support> 10 Kbytes
  • Carrier Ethernet services (EVPLINE / LAN / TREE)
  • Flexible QoS definition based on VLAN, IPv4, IPv6, MPLS
  • Advanced VLAN Management (QinQ)
  • Link aggregation
  • ERP Support
  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • Flow Control (IEEE 802.3x)
  • RMON Statistics
  • Link Loss Forwarding (LLF)
  • ETH OAM (IEEE 802.1a / ITU-T Y.1731)

  • Reasons to purchase an ALFOplus 11 GHz link
  • The licensed band guarantees interference protection
  • High Long Distance Transmission Capacities
  • Thanks to 1024 QAM modulation it is possible to coordinate narrower channels for the same capacity
  • Unique Packet Compression Option
  • Quality guarantee of one of the world's largest manufacturers

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